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Apocalips review

 The New Rimmel craze at the minute, Apocalips Lip Lacquer.





My first apocalips purchase was the celestial and instantly fell in love with it! I only started really getting into lipsticks at the age of 20 funnily enough i was more of a lip-gloss kind of girl, don't ask me why... haha. This product is abit of both which is probably why i loved it so much. It goes on like a lip-gloss then dries like a lipstick. Not only is the color so pigmented it lasts for a few hours! As i fell in love with this color so much i thought i must invest in some more. So as its 3 for 2 in boots at the moment i thought i may as well take advantage so i brought luna then nude eclipse which is not published on here but is in my acrylic drawer :). I would highly recommend this product to anybody! There a bargain too for the wear you get out of them and the colors are adorable. At the moment they are priced at £4.99 And you can find them here...

Apocalips lip lacquer celestial - boots £4.99 

Hope you liked my review, what are your favorite lip products? Have you tried these? x

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