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Making the most of a baby jar.

Hello lovelies,
As a mother of a 7 month baby i have plenty of baby jars floating around the house, so i thought why not re-cycle them myself and a bit of D.I.Y? My mum calls me a bit of a hoarder but i have got better with age, i explained to her that i haven't hoarded these baby jars and putting them to a use. Here are a few examples what i have done with them.

From left to right...
  • Store your yankee sample candles in there, lights up a room and smells amazing.
  • Maybe a few mints in your spare room or your hall way?
  • Loose change, i have separated all of mine, including coppers!
  • Your Lush products i have all of mine in my bathroom so I can see what i have keeps them fresh too.
  • Straws in your kitchen?

I also use mine for hair grips, nail tools, eye-liners, make-up tools, pens and odd bits and bobs.
Hope you found this a little useful.

Do you re-use things for different purposes? Would you try this?


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