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Lip Saviours!

Hello lovelies, Getting used to this blogging malarky now. I think...
Thought i would share with you two of my favorite lip products that help my damaged, poor chapped lips from time to time.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Lush
I start of with this product once I've cleansed, toned, moisturised etc just before i get into bed. It is a sugary like texture on your lips. You rub it all over your lips gently then lick it off! It tastes lovely! Not so much bubble gum tasting but sweet. You then apply another layer and lick that of. This is the best invention for my lips! I love lush itself for its all fresh ingredients how they hand make things. Plus who wouldn't like to try a lip product that you can eat right? Lush do many lip scrubs in all sorts of flavors but this one has to be my ultimate fave! I have tried the popcorn one but the flavor was not to my taste! You can find these lip scrubs on there website here: https://www.lush.co.uk/s?q=lip+scrub
They retail at £5.25 but its the best money I have spent!

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

I then go on to using this straight after I've licked the second coating of my yummy lip scrub, i got this cream in a recent glossy box and have loved it ever since I've opened it. The only thing i will criticize about it is the scent! I am really fussy with scents though. Even when i wake up in the morning i can still feel some product on my lips so it does go over the 8 hour mark a little. It has really made a huge difference to the condition of my lips with the help of its trusty partner lip scrub! I have always had bad chapped lips and the awful weather conditions don't help but i will continue to buy these pair to the death! (Unless i come across some other great lip products haha) So i will defo be repurchasing this when i have run out of this little tester which may i add has last me a long while a little goes a long way! Thank you very much glossy box for this amazing find!

Thanks for reading,

What are your fave lip products? Have you tried any of these?


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