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DIY Hair Colour

Hello lovelies, 
I have brought two new hair products that do the same job but have different price tags! If you don't know me i have an obsession with changing my hair colour! I don't know what it is but i get bored easily. I am naturally ash blonde i was very blonde as a child but it got darker. Then i started dying my hair at the age of 13 i think and asked my mum if i could have highlights. From then on i have been blonde, brunette, black, purple, red, copper (accidentally), dark blue and some of these colours a couple of times! My poor hair. Well from my profile picture you can see i am currently black haired well i say that as i am writing this i am currently ginger! I want to go a lighter brown ready for the summer. Sadly i haven't took pictures of the process's which is disappointing but will tell you what i think of the products.

Firstly i brought ColourB4 Extra Strengh

This stuff smells absolutely awful! My boyfriend actually said your hair smells of a drain sewage, yeah thanks for that. Not that he was lying, i was actually disappointed in this product as i have used the Colour B4 before but not the extra strength and had a better outcome. Although it did strip out the colour black my hair was still very dark so i decided to get another one but looked around a bit and found a cheaper alternative. Maybe i died my hair too many times previous to this so if you did just dye your hair the wrong colour once it would work for you i am sure as it did work wonders for me before. You can find this product in Boots and Superdrug and it retails at £11.99 but luckily i got it on offer in Superdrug for £7.99

My cheaper alternative was from home bargains called Hair Colour Remover by JoBaz

This did also smell bad but not as bad till near the end weirdly enough? This product completely stripped all the dark colours out of my hair and has left me a lovely ginger colour not judging any gingers out there but it's not a preferred colour for me so i shall be going over this with a light brown ready for the summer. This was just under half the price of the Colour B4 at £5.49 and worked wonders! I would recommend this to any one who has stubborn colours they want to get rid of plus its alot cheaper then going to your salon paying hundreds of pounds. 

Both products have 2 solutions you mix together that you put on all over your hair then a conditioner for afterwards to get all of the stuff out. Both products also do leave a nasty smell on your hair which didn't come out of mine after 2 washes but i am happy with the outcome. It just shows if you do look around you may find a better price and could even work better!

Hope this helped if any one is anything like me haha. 

Have you tried anything like this before?

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