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April's Glossy box...

Hello lovelies, My April glossy box has finally arrived! Can we all just appreciate this beautiful box...

I absolutely love it! Isn't it just so pretty? The beautiful floral design all made up for spring, which was designed by yes, you guessed it... Peal lowe her love is of vintage and floral things (we have something in common). It is a limited edition box and i will keep this amongst my array of other glossy boxes. Last year i was a bit put of glossy box to be perfectly honest with you i thought there samples were really rubbish and you could get most of them yourself, for free... But this year they have excelled them selves without a doubt! I have loved every box so far this year and loved this one, let me stop babbling and show you whats inside.
Btw, i started of being all springy taking pictures outside on the lovely grass, then it started spitting... typical British weather so the rest of the pictures are inside :)

A -Derma - Intense Repair Lip Balm

I have never personally myself heard of this brand? But it says it has 100% natural origin of rhealba oat milk which is famous for softening and protecting! So we may be onto a winner! A cheaper alternative to my Elizabeth arden 8 hour cream maybe? I shall let you all know once i have tested it out a few times.

NIP + FAB - Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Mango Smoothie

Sorry it isn't straight on the little bugger kept rolling lol, firstly it smells delicious! It isn't a thick cream i just tested a little on my arm, but it does sink into your skin really fast so a good property there! There's nothing worse then waiting around before getting your jammies on and getting into bed waiting for your sticky moisturiser to sink into your body before bed. So this could be another winner! I will let you all know how i get on with this too, I'm looking forward to having a nice long soak in the bath then rubbing this into my skin before night time :) 

YVES ROCHER FRANCE- So Elixir Purple Yves Rocher Eau De Parfum

This smells divine! A really lovely spring floral scent! To me it actually smells really similar to my mums favorite perfume Estee Lauder's Beautiful! Don't know if its just me or on my skin but it does smell really familiar! I am very fond of this though and already thinking of repurchasing! Not like i haven't got enough perfumes... But it is a lovely spring scent and even beautiful for the summer too! 

Sleek Make-up - Blush In Flamingo 937

As you can see it looks a very BRIGHT pink and me not being very daring to new bright colours i probably would never have picked this up myself, but as its spring i am feeling a little daring and may even try out a new colour on the cheeks!! It is a beautiful fuchsia pink and i love that it comes with a compact mirror so great on the move! I can not wait to try this out, bring out my rosy cheeks. 

ESSIE - Nail Lacquer in Flawless

This is a beautiful spring colour a pastel like pink, as soon as i have wrote this post i am actually going to paint my nails in this failing that as it is coming up to 12 midnight i will deffo be doing them tomorrow! As soon as i have painted them i will upload a pic of them pronto! These are retailed at £7.99 so that is most of your monthly box paid of already! 

Really loved my spring box this month and all the lovely things inside! So thankyou very much glossy box!
If you are new to glossy box a monthly subscription is £10 a month with just a small p+p cost of £2.95

Do you subscribe to glossy box? If not why not try today? 

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  1. Those products actually look so good, especially the blush! I stopped my subscription last year as I wasnt really happy with what was coming in the boxes but wish Id got that one! x



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