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New Puppy!!

Hello lovelies, really sorry for the lack of posts for the past couple of days had an awful week within the family but i don't want to write a depressing post and would like to introduce you all to our new puppy Alfie,

We got him a couple of days ago and he is 8 weeks old, isn't he just adorable?! He gets on great with Oscar and Oscar loves him they snuggle up together on the sofa it's so sweet! I took a nice picture of Oscar trying to cuddle the puppy yesterday.

We got him of a farm near the Staffordshire area for £450 and there is 6 left if anyone is interested that lives near the Staffordshire area, blonde and black Labradors, just email me if your interested. He is a Pedigree dog and the owners have breaded Labradors for years you could tell they have been well looked after. They gave us his paper work and some puppy food to start us of, a very friendly farmer! I would be lying if i said i was loving every single minute of having a puppy but having a baby to look after too its a bit of a handful! My boyfriend brought the dog thinking it would be a breeze but not realising I'm the one that has her handsful! ha. Nether the less apart from pooing and weeing everywhere i love the gorgeous pup! Will take time to train him but we have a lovely complete family for now and i will look forward to big cuddles as he grows big and strong :) 

Have you got any good tips for puppy training?

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  1. the bottom picture makes my heart melt! Hes beautiful x


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