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My family

Hello again lovelies, I'm back so soon... 
As this is also a lifestyle blog i thought i would introduce to you to the two favourite people in my life, My beautiful baby boy and my gorgeous boyfriend of 3 years.

Oscar Jay Kazoks - Currently 7 months old

I know every mother out there thinks there child is the most beautiful out of them all but every day i still don't believe my eyes how stunning he actually is! I can't believe me and Dan (the bf) actually produced this handsome little boy! Yes my boyfriend is gorgeous but just look at him! Big Ahhhhh's all around. There has not been a say YET since he was born i haven't took a picture of him! I have to keep unloading all my pictures of my phone onto my computer because my memory data just can't take it lol! Pregnancy is always a scary but exiting time. For me it was defo a bit of both. I was so scared of labor after watching One Born Every Minute i thought i can not do this now! With 2 weeks left i just wanted to give up haha. But i pulled through if you don't want a graphic picture in your head please do not carry on reading... It was roughly 2am and i thought it was just a normal toilet run (You pee so much being pregnant) But then i thought ooo i need the urge to poo, then all of a sudden the strangest feeling/pain in the world happened i thought what the hell was that?! Even scarier was the fact my boyfriend was working away in London and we was living at his parents until our home was sorted and his mother had work in the morning so i didn't want to wake her... So i rang my mum instead. My mum screamed down the phone to me wake Jayne up now (my bf's mum) your in labor Paige and get of the toilet!! Well as i was screaming in so much pain anyway my boyfriends mother ran to rescue lol! She picked my mum up and rang the ambulance as they thought i was going to give birth in any minute! I thought sod them though i can't get off the toilet because it really feels like you need a massive poo! (very graphic sorry) The ambulance turned up as well as my mum and they took me into the living room even the team thought i was going to give birth there so they didn't send out the proper NE NAR (Ambulance van) but one medic said i think she will make it so the proper van did come and panting very loudly on the way to Stafford hospital i got there, still baby intact! My waters never broke either.. I remember lying on the hospital bed staring at the clock it was 3 am and i was thinking in my head how long is this going to take and where the fuck is dan?! Haha Dans mum phoned him as i got rushed to the hospital and was going to take a couple of hours for him to drive back luckily he was working with his dad so he was in a fitter state to drive with all the excitement and anxiousness going through Daniels head! He just made it within half an hour! I only took Gas and air the whole way through i think it was too late to have anything else but i think i did exceptionally well for my first time! I did have to be cut open because Oscar had a huge head haha, i had him at half 6 in the morning weighing 9lb 7! He was a big whopper but such a beautiful whopper he is currently 21lb and very heavy but very in proportion i love chunky babies there so cute! I never imagined having a baby but he is the best thing that could ever have happened to me and my Partner and we both love him with all of our hearts and can't wait till he can start crawling, walking and talking in full sentences every day is a new adventure in his tiny head and his personality grows! He is so well behaved he sleeps all night through from 7 till 9 most mornings! So i am a very lucky mummy! He has the most beautiful big blue eyes and blonde hair. I have never seen someone so beautiful and he is all mine! I could spend forever bragging about my son but i will leave it there haha!!

If you think he is gorgeous as much as i do follow my instagram if you like its practically full of him!

Daniel Paul Kazoks - My boyfriend, Soul Mate and Bestfriend for life and hopefully one day my Husband.

Isn't he very handsome?! Well from the start when i was 18 (this is what he told me) He walked into the bar i was working in at the time and thought OMG that is perfection and literally fell in love at first sight. He did ask me out but as his ex or kind of girlfriend at the time (naughty) hung around with my friend who i did i thought it was wrong so let him down gently ;) then a couple years passed and i worked in a different bar. He was a very shy man and only really had confidence after a few lagers! So one of his friends asked me if i would go on a date with him i said if he asks me out himself i'll consider it... So that he did and i thought i would give him the benefit of the doubt and go on a date with him! We watched Valentines Day in the cinema and had a lovey night but i thought he was abit to immature for me so didn't see him for much longer then a few days. But two days after his birthday being 16th of April we met up in yet another, yeah u guessed it bar and got chatting i thought he is actually quite funny, handsome and really nice and he asked me if i'd like to go back to his place so that i did, don't worry no hanky panky went down i'm not like that! We just talked and talked and got to no each other more and from then we started dating properly! I said something really stupid and cheesey like does this mean i have to change my facebook relationship status again? I know the shame!! So yeah we went out with each other from there and have had a great relationship we have had some downs but what relationship hasn't? We have also had massively good ups in our relationship! Been on holiday to Egypt and breaks away in this country. He is the most generous, kind hearted, lovely, handsome, funny man i have ever met he still gives me butterflies to this day! You know when you think you love someone in past relationships i know now that that wasn't true love this is, weirdly enough the second time around haha as soon as i met him again i thought to myself this is the person i want to spend the rest of my life with and i intend to do just that. The only thing that peeves me of about him is his bad drinking habit! Don't worry he's not an alcoholic haha he just goes out on the odd weekend with friends and seems to forget where he lives till the next morning. But that is the only downfall he has so i will put up with that but he is slowly growing up and out of it he will come around one day i'm sure of it. He always spoils me and treats me right as well as Oscar he loves the ground we walk on and we love him just as much the same! I am so glad he walked into my life in 2010. I can not wait for more years to come and the day he finally gets down on one knee. Wink Wink haha!! Again i could carry on for hours talking about how fantastic he is but i don't want to bore you all x

Dan's claim to fame! Meeting Ant n Dec and having a pint and a chat with them when he was working away in London in a pub called the 'Irish Bar' 

I love them both so very much x

Hope you enjoyed this rather personal post and quite lovey dovey!

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