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Hello lovelies, so today I thought I would post something a little different on the post, I want to do more posts like this but its hard in the blogging world because people think your copying or have no originality because we are all very similar and have similar ideas but today I wanted to share with you the realness in a relationship when your way past the honeymoon period. It's not spooning every night or waking up early with your spouse to make them a morning coffee before they go to work.

1. You argue - A lot, but that's cool I would be worried if we didn't argue. But it's stupid arguments, 'Why have you put your clothes right next to the washing basket rather than in it' 'Why are the dishes still not done' 'Put the seat down when you've finished and clean your own skid marks' you get the drift.

2. Spooning? - It's too hard to be the small spoon every night you need your space, or cuddles in general when you've been together over 6 years and have kids with someone the affection isn't as constant as it was back in the day, it's ok though you still love each other.

3. TV - Constant war over who is the Queen/King of the remote, football again then...

4. Food - Just because I'm a woman don't expect your dinner laid out on the side for when you get back in from work, relationships are to share, share the load mix things up and cook for her tonight or even better go out. Another thing about food, when you buy yourself a share bag of minstrels for yourself and he/she eats them, not cool.

5. Friends - Just because you're in a long term relationship don't think that your friends have to be his vice versa, to be honest I hate nearly all of my finances friends they're all massive dickheads lol and he's not overly keen on mine but we make the effort for each other that's all you need to do, bite your tongue and think it will soon be time for Netflix and chill.

6. Make-up - When I first got with Dan I would wake up earlier than him put my make up on and sneak back into bed 'I woke up like this', gone are the days! Now I look like a crack whore most mornings with sleeping bags under my eyes and he STILL loves me when I forget to shave my legs.

7. You've got each others back always - You killed someone and need to dig a body, they won't judge they will say hand me the shovel, obvs jokes but seriously whatever happens they will stand by you no matter the situation, they won't judge you they will love you unconditionally and help you.

8. Show off - No more needing to show off who can buy the other the most expensive gift, who can take each other to the best restaurant etc. Instead you have both matured and work together on finances and look to the future, holidays, a house? Marriage and kids?

9. Texts/Phonecalls - They soon die down, no more 'Morning beautiful, can't wait to see you later xxx' It's more like 'Back in ten run the bath'. If your partner does still text you the sweetest messages after 6 years I am jealous, very jealous, everyone loves a cute text. Phone calls? You don't have to ring your partner ten times a day to tell them you love them or ask how their day has been, leave them to it.

10. You let go - I was a size 10 before I got with Dan, I'm now a 16/18 I have had two kids but I let myself go big time, when you get comfortable with someone you love you love them for them not their size/height and whatever else, I know I am big but Dan says I'm not LIARR but he thinks he has put loads of weight on too and I can't see it because you don't see them for that you see them from their inside. And when your partner literally lets go - SMELL, eurgh if I had a trial of sleeping in bed with dan when he let rip I would probably not have signed up for this, it's literally like someone crawled up there and died, TMI sorry but do you get me? I know everyones different and some people still look great when they've been together for years but in most cases I've seen we do let ourselves go a bit, theres nothing wrong in it at all, you love each other and if you ever felt down about yourself you would change for you never for anyone else.

Can anyone relate to these points? Let me know your 'reality of a long term relationship' in the comments below to laugh about.


  1. I've only been with my partner for less than two years but I agree with all of these 😂

  2. I haven't been with my boyfriend 6 years, but we've been together over a year and I can relate to a few of these! I always used to make myself up loads before I saw him, and I do still a lot of the time but sometimes I can't be bothered and he says he doesn't mind if I turn up to his in trackies, a hoody, glasses, makeup free and hair up haha! I enjoyed this post, I hope you do more like this :)

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thank you Emily means a lot, it's shut so hard being 'original' in this blogging world but I have a few ideas up my sleeve :). Its amazing how being around someone you love changes you right? xxx


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