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Hello lovelies, today I have for you my top post worn Mac lipsticks, I haven't said top five favourites because I love my Vegas Volt and Candy yum yum but I don't reach for them all the time! Only when I'm feeling a bit dareish I wear candy yum yum a very bright matte pink lip! So I thought I would share with you my very neutral every day lipsticks I always wear from Mac.

Crosswires - This is a cremesheen finish lipstick in a slightly red pinky orange shade, very easy to wear with anything, I wouldn't usually go for a shade like this but once I swatched it in the store I couldn't resist it. It's super pretty and I think it will suit everyone, slight glossy look to the lips and lasts around 3-4 hours.

Angel - I saw loads of bloggers rave about this lipstick but I thought it's just another pretty pink lipstick, I don't need another pink lipstick.. Again I swatched it and fell in love! It has become one of my favourites and I reach to this a lot of the time in the week as it pairs beautifully with a simple winged liner or even an extreme smokey eye. It is a very soft pink and in a frost finish.

Cremecup - This has to be my most used Mac lipstick, I'm almost running out which makes me very sad but I will definitely reperchase this baby its stunning, its a baby pink with a blue undertone in it, cremesheen finish and works well with any outfit/make up look. 

Shy Girl - I was in two minds with this lipstick to start with, I thought it would wash me out being really pale but I think it suits me great, I usually wear this on a 'no make up makeup' kind of day for a very natural look, it is a cremesheen finish again, this seems to be my favourite mac finish and has a slight coral shade to it. 

Brave - If you haven't heard about this lipstick where have you been hiding? The most iconic lipstick with Teddy also, Brave is one of my favourite nude lipsticks alongside Cremecup I wear this a hell of a lot! A satin finish and pinky beige shade, I think this would suit any skin colour and really makes a statement on your face. 

Like I said above when I'm feeling a little braver I like Candy Yum Yum, Vegas volt in the summer days and I have a big love for Hue, a lot of people think its too pale for us pale girls but I really like it for natural make up days. Please let me know your favourite Mac shades in the comments below I'm always on the look out for new ones!


  1. Brave is one of my go to mac lipsticks too. Shy girl and cremecup are next on my list of lipsticks to buy.


  2. I've not tried any of the above as I only have 3/4 MAC lipsticks, but I've been wanting to try Brave for a while now, it looks so pretty!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. I haven't picked up a new MAC lipstick in a while...very tempted now! Crosswires looks like a shade I'd try and I LOVE Brave (it's probably my fav mac lipstick). But the others look a little too pink, I don't think they'd suit me! I have the cinderella pink frosty lipcolour and it never gets used, so sad!

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

  4. For some weird reason it's not letting me reply to you all?

    Becca - Cremecup will really suit you! xx
    Sarah - Oh no! I think pinks would suit you so much, but crosswires definitely will!! xx

  5. You have some beauties there Paige! Crosswires has to be one for me, but I do really like Cremecup. Wonderful post I always like reading/ looking at posts like this, anything to do with lippy and I'm sold.

    Kirsty x


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