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Hello lovelies, so Monday I literally went in to see Heff the creator and uber talented hairdresser at HX Hair just for a little fringe cut, Heff then said why you're here would you like a free cut and colour by our trainee? I obviously jumped at the chance, it had been ages since I had any professional do my hair, I wasn't at all nervous about the trainee part either because I know heffy takes a lot of pride in her work and wouldn't hire just anyone, she is a perfectionist. 

Heff's fiancee Joel always works in the same shop upstairs doing his own thing, tattooing, it is a super cool room upstairs from the collectables and the passion he puts into his work, I believe he told me he got his first tattoo at 15 and went into working into tattoo shops then finally got his own shop and has been doing really well since, here is some of Joels work at 'Black Heart Collective'.

As soon as you walk into Heffy's salon HX Hair you are greeted by lots of wall art which I absolutely love, uplifting quotes, pretty pictures and my favourite the Dirty Dancing cut out of the fine man Patrick Swayze, they have a sitting area with a TV lots of snacks and plenty of books to choose from. She even houses her cute little guinea pigs here so it literally feels like her home, which also makes you feel at home, from all her favourite things in her little abode. 

The warm presence which is super important to me, there are so many hairdressers that I avoid purely for the cold atmosphere I feel, the glares out of the window, you know what I mean, where you feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman like the girl who has no money to shop there even though you have. Hate them, you don't get that here! You get a super bubbly hair dresser with her lovely staff greeting you and making you feel right at home, asking you what you want and actually sitting you down, having a good consultation so you know exactly what's going to be happening. 

Heffy is well known for turning you into a real life mermaid, without the tail of course. But mermaid hair is just as good, if you have a look on her Instagram page here you will see what I mean! But she does do 'normal' hairstyles too and even fits weaves or dyes your weave to your new colour of choice. 

I asked Heffy some questions about her job -

When did you start hairdressing?
I started cutting my friends hair with the kitchen scissors when I was 13, I realised it was pretty fun and that thank God it always turned out okay, so I went on to collage after school.

What made you want to go into it?

It's always been something I can't get enough of, I used to sit in front of the mirror for hours doing my hair, and anyone else's I could get me hands on! It's always been something I just really enjoy and am super passionate about rather then just a job.

When did you get your own shop?

3 months ago, and I still don't think it's sunk in yet! I started from scratch myself with just £30 in my pocket and it still feels very overwhelming to open the front door every day and see something that's mine.

What's your favourite thing about being a hairdresser?

I like people, I love hanging out all day with some really cool ladies, our shop is full of laughs, and it's so much fun.

If you could only be one colour for the rest of your life now what would it be? (hard I know)

Silver! It took me so dam long to get it, I don't think I could ever change it....

Now back to my experience at the shop on Monday, the lovely trainee Beth went to work on me, I had black pretty lifeless hair and I said to go with whatever, I fancied a change, we discussed some colours together and I agreed with her, she knew what she was talking about! Beth asked Heffy through some steps along the way to make sure she got everything right and she did absolutely amazing, you honestly wouldn't of thought she was a trainee after you saw my hair, the cut was perfect, my hair feels so healthyand new again and it was super shiny when I left, everyone has complimented me on it and a lot of my friends now want theirs done! Some of my friends that don't even live in my home town travel to come to Heffy's salon because she really is amazing at what she does!

Beth put some layers in my hair to get rid of split ends and put some life back into it then applied some Affinage lite with 9% developer once the hair was visually lightened Beth took me over to the most amazing chair aha, I have never been to a hair dressers with a rinse on a massaging hair! So not only did I get an amazing hair wash I got a back rub at the same time! Once she had washed my hair she applied the cerise through then dried and styled it for me and asked if I'd like it straight or curly which I think is nice because most hair dressers I have been to just do what they want. Beth gave a great blow dry and a lovely curl through my hair as you can see and I am stoked about my hair so much, I absolutely love it, I am actually even more excited about going back and choosing a different colour, to think that I thought my black hair wouldn't go with anything, boy I was wrong.

Thanks so much to Heffy and Beth for having me, I absolutely loved the experience and can't wait to go back for my top up!

That is Beth next to me, I love Beth's hair also, think I might try the blue next time what do you think?


  1. You look gorgeous. I love what they did with your hair, also loving the decor in HX-Hair. Looks fab! x

    1. Thank you babe!! It's so lovely in there xxx


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