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Hello lovelies, so me and Oscar went on an adventure to the big smoke last weekend (London) we took our just under two hour train and ventured the streets as well as getting invited to a very exciting premier showing of a new TV programme on Cbeebies - KAZOOPS.

We got to Charlotte street hotel which is absolutely stunning inside and out, Oscar was happy to see the restaurant had the same name as him, we got escorted to where we needed to go and was greeted by the friendliest people, Oscar got a little polaroid of him Monty and Jimmy Jones the two main characters in kazoops then we went of into another room, a room filled with food and lots of coffee and juice. We scoffed our faces, more so me because Oscar took a huge liking to the plasticine where he made his own Jimmy Jones and did colouring with the great entertainment they had provided.

A little time passed, I got to speak to the wonderful Dr Jacqueline Harding who is the director of tomorrows child, founder of institute of maternal and child health, senior lecturer at Middlesex university and director of Parentchanel.Tv. She is the educational advisor behind Kazoops and it was such a pleasure to meet her, we clicked straight away and I hope to keep in touch with herm wonderful lady.

So more about Kazoops, it is an animated series targeted at the age group between 3-7 about the adventures of six year old Monty and his best friend family pig Jimmy Jones. Monty uses his vivid imagination to challenge preconceptions about life such as 'you have to wear matching socks' or 'all games need rules' and in doing so, demonstrates the value of critical thinking and creative play. During the episodes Monty's toys come to life as he goes on these imaginary adventures just as I imagine your little ones toys do. hey have over 78 episodes coming to teach your children but not in a preachy way and is all about learning to be imaginative and creative like all kids are around the world it is as meaningful to children as it is for us adults also.

I thoroughly enjoyed the three episodes we got to see in the premier and Oscar got to meet Monty and have his photo taken with him, he was a pleasant boy and must be going through a very exciting time.

Kazoops will be on your tv screens 20th June at 4.20pm don't forget! You and your children really will love it, it's like nothing you have seen on Cbeebies and really makes you laugh. It's not often I can enjoy TV programmes with Oscar but I loved this especially surfer Gran look out for her. Oscars favourite episode was matching socks, is it important to always wear matching socks?

After a fun filled day we also got two amazing goodie bags! Oscars was full of plasticine, colouring pages, notebooks with kazoops on, crayons, odd socks and posters. I got a Kazoops mug, chocolate, odd socks, posters, postcards and all sorts of fun Kazoops merchandise in. Thanks to everyone there who made it amazing for me and Oscar and the Pr team for making it possible, it was very cool being the first people to watch a new programme come on Oscars favourite TV channel.

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