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Hello lovelies, it is a very stressful time and everyone has turned into the house of commons on all social media, so today I thought I would share some love to some amazing girls I know or just love through the power of the internet.

Blogs I've been loving this past month -

Alice - Alice writes a lovely blog over at Annie Writes Beauty, where she blogs about beauty and lifestyle, I love every post on her blog and look forward to when she's posting a new one,

Jemma - One of my favourite people on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Snapchat you name it! This girl is seriously so talented and the owner of #thegirlgang I don't know how she does so much, her stickers are adorable check out her etsy! But back to the blog Dorkface, I love Jemmas cute DIY posts, she does great tips posts that are so helpful! I also love her reviews, summary and the 50 thoughts.

Hayley - I've been following Hayley on Twitter for ages now and fell in love with her blog instantly, she has also started Youtube so definitely check that out! Hayley talks about beauty, lifestyle, travelling and well whatever the hell she likes and I love them all, like above I look forward to reading what her next post will be about, she also does great advice blog posts and I loved her make up storage post, you can find all these great posts on Tea Party Beauty.

Vix - Vix did some amazing EU puns on Twitter last night, I had to join in lover of a pun, I could of mentioned he in my favourite tweeters as I love all her tweets too but had to mention her blog also! I lol so much when I read Vix blogs posts and I think thats what a lot of blogs are missing, humour! my favourite posts include '10 things every fuck boy does' '10 things girls don't want to hear' and 'The art of sexting' but I love all her musings and just get it! I love her blog so much, you go Vix Meldrew !

Tweeters -

Beth - This girl posts the most amazing quotes that inspire me or her own tweets and I'm like yes girl! Her timeline is always so positive and cheers me up.

Sammy - Sammy changes up her bio from time to time and I can always relate to it, makes me chuckle too, her feed just makes me laugh and so relatable to me.

Charl - THIS girl should be a god damn comedian, I laugh literally so hard at some of her tweets, she has definitely got my sort of sense of humour, sarcastic and witty but just so hilarious and she looks banging in her little clip its of outfits she posts on there, that red skirt girl!

Youtubers -

Helen  - Helen (Anderson) seems like the most REAL 'bigger' Youtuber I watch, she shows her life without putting a fancy little cherry on the top, the real life the video she did with her boyfriend 'why we argue' made me LOL so hard it reminded me of me and Dan. I love her hauls, fashion videos and everything in between, so jealous of that new fridge too!

Becca Rose - Again another very down to earth vlogger who seems to come across very genuine, she's totally sweet and I love all of her videos. He living room tour is dreamy and she does the best hauls.

Melanie Murphy - SO I think I've picked the top three down to earth you tubers who come across 'normal' in the big you tubing industry, I love Melanie's chat with me get ready videos, she seems like someone I would get on really well with. Her hauls and her healthy eating videos are helpful as I'm trying to loose weight.

People in general -

My blogging friends Laura and Stephanie, they are the girls I go to when I am down or just need a chat about anything! Two lovely bloggers, Laura has the most insane beautiful Instragram that I am very jealous of and Stephanie is also a parenting blogger who does so much lovely stuff with her little Emily, makes me proud of her on the daily such a strong woman even if she doesn't believe it. Love these two so much.

Who have been your favourite people lately? SHARE THE LOVE x

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