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Hello lovelies, so the other week I was scrolling through eBay and found these random things, do I need them? No. Are they useful? Yes, so I don't see what the problem is, ok so the light up thing you attach to your phone is only useful for drunken selfies in the toilets but still its useful.

These are all China purchases so you know when you order from them, it takes a good 2-3 weeks maybe longer by then you probably forgot you even ordered from them, then when the postman/lady comes you're like oooh what's this?! I've been like that all this week, then I was like I can't WAIT to use them. I don't even get drunk so the light won't be used on selfies in the toilets with the girls or the random girl you are now best friends with but it could be good for selfies in dark places...

Luxury ring led light up selfie - I just wanted it, I don't know if I will use it a lot but I wanted it, I haven't got an iPhone or a 'cool' phone to get one of those funky lumineez cases or whatever their called so for under a fiver I saw this, which practically clips on to any phone I thought why not?! Date night selfies, when I do actually let my hair down selfies, any time selfies in a dark space.

Creative finger wearable nail polish holder - Who's always wanted one of these? No more worrying about awkwardly opening the bottle and moving it from here to there, just pop it in your silicone ring in various of colours and paint away. I love my mint green one, it's actually really comfortable and only 99p! 

30 pcs Wooden lowercase alphabet rubber stamp set - How effing cute is this? I wanted to start making my own cards as well as teaching Oscar more about his letters and guess show much this was? Under £2! I couldn't believe it, what a steal. I also just got some stamp kits to go with it for about 99p the gold one was actually only 50p so I can't wait to start stamping, make my own invitations and wedding bits and bobs. 

Do you love getting random Ebay bits? What's the most unusual thing you've bought from Ebay?


  1. I always find these posts really interesting as I love seeing what bargains people have picked up on Ebay.

    Kirsty x

    1. Ahh glad you like it babe, I'm a sucker for a cute thing on Ebay lol even more so if it's under £5 haha xxx

  2. The Ring Light Up Selfie is such a good idea, I wonder if you could attach it to a small camera!

    Rebecca Coco

    1. I would think so lovely! It's just like a grip and stays on xx


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