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Baker Days - Easter Cake | Review

Hello lovelies, it's almost Easter what are your plans? I don't really celebrate Easter unless stuffing your face with chocolate eggs counts, but today I have something different. Chocolate can get a bit boring can't it knowing what to expect on Easter so why not mix things up a bit and have a cake? I was very kindly sent a beautiful cake from Baker Days the other day to celebrate Easter and it was so scrummy, read more...

Baker Days - Letter Box Gift Cake, Firstly the smell of the cake when you lift that lid of with excitement was the best bit without even taking a proper look at it I wanted to scoff it whole. I got to pick an Easter design from seven choices they had to offer and I thought this was the cutest, I love little bunny's and think they resemble Easter and spring to me. I adore the cute little tin the cakes come in as you can keep them after to store odds and sods in, they also prevent the cake from arriving at your door crumbled and soggy with the dry sheet fitted inside also which is handy. You can pick from five cake fillings being, sponge cake, chocolate chip sponge cake, fruit cake, gluten wheat free cake and dairy free cake. I had the original sponge cake filling. When purchasing an Easter cake you can also personalise it your self with a portrait, a picture of your own bunny or anything you fancy which I think would be more suited to the £14.99 price tag. As I don't think I could personally pay that amount for a cake giving 4 - 5 portions from but if it has your own picture on that you have submitted I would think it was worth that amount then. The cake itself was so delicious, just the right texture it was moist inside (I detest that word) but it was, spongey and soft it just dissolves in your mouth, truly gorgeous and I am not a massive icing lover but this wasn't sickly at all or too much it was just right. I shared this with my boys and they both loved it, my boyfriend even more as he ate half of it himself, greedy beggar. 

They do also offer a range of different personalised cakes or pre designed cakes for any occasion, here are some links to some of their beautiful work.

I would highly recommend you trying them out purely for the gorgeous taste and the wonderful designs they come up with, they don't just do letter box sized cakes they do small, medium and large cakes too. I am thinking of trying out the cup cakes for my partners birthday this month.

Do you like the look of this Easter cake?

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  1. YUM this looks so cute! I ordered my boyfriend a 21st birthday one and it was delicious I couldn't believe how moist it was, and the photos transfer really well xxxx



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