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What I'd say to my younger self...

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a new post and I'm quite liking the change to be honest, some fresh new posts to the blog. Getting a bit braver now I've made it a year aha, I was actually planning on doing this post for a while now but some lovely gentleman emailed me asking me to do a post about this to win an Ipad mini so no time to loose I thought I will get this post up now then! If you're also wanting to win an Ipad Mini you can enter HERE generated by Legal and General I never win anything but you've got to be in it to win it right?

Speak Up
I'm going to get the worst  couple of points out to finish on a happier lighter note, but the reason I have been putting this off is I hate going back to childhood because it just brings back horrible memories! I just want to block out most of my childhood out as I can sadly, due to bad things that happened, so my first point would be, to never keep things in and if you feel something is wrong tell somebody! Do NOT keep it to yourself and feel guilty for years after, maybe if I did tell someone sooner I wouldn't me so messed up now and it would have all gone away, but when your an innocent child sadly it's not that easy! If only there was a rewind button in life. 

Don't take your loved ones for granted
Go and spend as much time with your grandparents as possible, well all your family, you never know what will happen. My Great Nan was sadly diagnosed with Alzheimers a few years ago and died last year. I regret so much not going to see her as much as possible and telling her how much I loved her, I know she knew but you know what I mean. She was the loveliest, sweetest lady ever, we actually called her nanny sweetie as she always gave us bags of sweets when we went round and bags of five p's bless her! I miss her all the time, just don't take your family for granted. 

Hair Dilemmas
I would say to my younger self, tell your mum you refuse to let her cut your hair! (No offense mum), my mum was a hair dresser before I was born and a bit after and I personally think she used me as a guinea pig and loved hacking away at hair aha. She cut my hair sooo short I looked like a boy! If only I could find a picture, I was traumatised. I have never forgiven her for that aha, I had lovely long hair, it's probably why I hate short hair on myself so much now but it just won't grow. Talking about hair dilemmas I'd also say to my younger self stop dying your hair!  

Fashion Police
Pleather trousers in the hottest summer at the age of 12? What was you thinking, Sorry again mum but your to blame for this again, you made me wear these I'm sure, I was a hot sweaty mess, not attractive at all and to make it worse we was on route somewhere in my Granddads car and my brother, sitting near the window decided to puke all over me, sitting in the middle not like any other normal person out the window, down me! I would have thanked him if I had a change of clothing but I didn't we had to wipe of near a service station, cringe! 

Wipe your tears
 Get over it! Boys that is, I remember crying for days even weeks over pathetic boys listening to endless love songs very loudly. Why do we do it girls? Some of us still do, don't lie, yes you. We think were in love at a young age but it's not real love however many times you tell your parents 'but he was the love of my life'. Now I just laugh at my past relationships, most of them with regret and a waste of time and others how silly. Never let your partner control you, mess you about, cheat or anything bad as there is more to life and you deserve better!

Fake Friends
'Friends', yeah even these days I don't know what they are, the more you grow up you realise who are your true friends and who aren't. As a child I had one best friend and we did absolutely everything together then I moved schools and we lost touch, after that it was one friend group to the next, I would tell myself to not be disheartened and you don't need fake people in your life and backstabbers and people who can't be happy for you. I would much rather have 3/4 close friends then tons of fake ones, I can't stand friends who bitch about each other in the circle it always leaves me thinking what are they saying behind my back? Which is why I find it hard to get into a group of friends who have known each other for years, I would love a friendship group like Sex And The City though, I love all those girls. Since I have been blogging I have found some lovely girls who I can open up to and just seem to trust straight away, the blogging world is so lovely! 

Lastly I think I would just pretty much burn my wardrobe, but it was obviously all fashion back then. I would not use fake tan wipes ever again, that was just a dreadful mess and I would tell myself that wearing a foundation three shades too dark and not blending it in well will never do me any favours.

I could go on and on but most of them are funny memories now to look back on and lessons to learn from! We have to do wrong things in life to make them right in the future. I would just tell myself and every other younger's self to enjoy every moment as life goes by so quickly. Now I'm a mum every day, week and month is just speeding by and my son is getting older by the second. I am loving every minute of it and I will be telling him to enjoy his life and it to be as innocent as possible, you can't wrap them up in cotton wool, you can still look after them and keep them safe but don't lock them in. We all enjoyed our time when we was younger, we all make mistakes were human and we all learn from them in the end. Sorry got a bit deep there, but you understand me, just make tomorrow a better day then yesterday and live life to the fullest.

Here are some happy childhood memories below, hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know ONE of your best child hood memories in the comments below.

Top left hand corner, me my dad and my brother, I can't believe we have this picture as my dad was never really around when me and my brother were growing up, he only came back into our lives permanently when I was about ten.

Top right hand corner, me feeding my brother and obviously loving it and made to be a parent aha.

Bottom left hand corner, me giving my brother some cuddles he was such a chunky baby bless him, he actually looks heavier than me here haha, I was to thin as a child. 

Then lastly me and my mum on my christening day! My mom will hate me for posting this picture on the internet aha! Bleach blonde hair, Madonna was her role model back then along with that woman who sings 'It must have been love'. Oscar looks just like me when I was a baby.



Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx