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Mummy Monday - Oscars OOTD Stripes & Sandals.

Hello lovelies, with the weather being a bit warmer and short friendly I needed to get Oscar a cute pair of sandals, we was all out playing in the garden in his new shoes so I thought I'd take the opportunity and take some snaps of him. 

Stripes & Sandals


I promise this isn't sponsored aha or PR samples, I just love Next clothes and these are perfect for a warm Spring and Summer. The sandals are really easy for him to walk in and look comfy, the shorts have a stretchy waist and I got the t-shirt in a size bigger for extra room and will last him through this year. Oscars wardrobe is seriously double the size of mine and Dan's put together but I can't help but keep buying, everything is just adorable! I never bothered splashing out on shoes I never saw the point in that before he could walk but now he can I'm lethal, he will soon have more shoes than me. 

Hope you liked his little OOTD, he's adorable bless him.

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