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Mummy Monday - Five things you can do for free with your little ones.

Hello lovelies, for those of my lovely readers with small people in your life do you find it hard knowing what to do with them when there at that funny age? My son is 17 months and I struggle most of the time on things to do to entertain him but here are some idea's for you all, as you don't have to pay for everything and there's nothing your children love more than fun with their parents, until they get to the teenage years I'm guessing aha.

PARK, Yeah the obvious one first, as the weather is cheering up and it's spring all the lovely flowers are blooming and the sun is making it's appearance slowly take advantage of the dry sunny days and take your little one for a stroll in the park, go on the swings etc and maybe a kick about with a soft ball. We have some little rabbits and birds too look at in our park which Oscar loves he always says 'wowww' and 'ooo' bless him. 

PLAY IN THE GARDEN, If you don't drive and don't have a park near by or just for a change why not do some activities in the garden? Play hide and seek with objects, passing the ball, picking flowers out of the garden which Oscar enjoyed yesterday actually. Point and explain what things are for their creative minds, you could even try to build things with the objects you find outside or do a little bug hunt. 

PICNIC, Again as the weather is picking up a little now and as long as you're all wrapped up snug why not take a picnic somewhere nice with beautiful scenery? We are lucky to have a beautiful chase where we live and often go up there for long walks and to enjoy the outdoors. A picnic is easy and fun and gets you all out in the fresh air and some light exercise also. You can pretty much take a picnic anywhere, the park, the beach if your lucky to live near one, the garden, anywhere you fancy.

ARTS & CRAFTS, I'm sure you all have bits and bobs laying around the house that you don't need that could be turned into a musical instrument for example? Like an empty bottle of water/pop filled with rice, you now have a little maraca! Play some music and shake your maracas to the rhythm, or get the crayons and paints out and do some pretty drawings/paintings. A thing I have started to do is every six months I have drew around Oscar's hand for a little keepsake, he has a big box I have full of keepsakes it will be really lovely to look back on when he's older, I'd definitely recommend starting one if you haven't already fill it with all your happy memories to cherish later on as it really does go so fast! 

MOVIE, My favorite, there's nothing I love more than snuggling up with Oscar and putting on a Disney movie, we are currently loving Frozen he does sit lovely for quite a while watching his movie's he gets so into them, he loves Disney junior also. He will happily cuddle up to me though with his juice and grapes and get into the film and if your a busy parent or don't get a lot of time to do things like this I'd definitely recommend doing this once a week, take a couple hours out of your busy week and just cosy up with your little one and enjoying a film of their choice or yours, I make out Oscar picked Frozen for us to watch but really it was me and I was so happy we finally got it after wanting to watch it for so long aha, you can't beat a Disney film. Make some healthy snacks or bake some cakes, tuck in and enjoy the film.

Hope this helped in some way and I'd love some of your ideas to entertain a 17 month old in the comments below please :)

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  1. He is absolutely adorable, and even though I dont have kids being hard up makes it crap sometimes but I really want to have a picnic sometime xxxxx



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