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Royal Effem Celeb inspired make over - PIXIE LOTT

Hello lovelies, with my local salon I have been working with I thought with their new make-up range it would be a fun idea to do some celebrity inspired make up looks, my friend Emily kindly volunteered for me with her gorgeous blonde locks I thought a Pixie Lott look would be great on her, Pixie Lott to me resembles big black smokey eyes and a nude lip, this is what we came up with thanks to the lovely colleagues at Rachel Lamey Hair and Beauty Salon with Rachel doing the make-up and Ryan doing the hair and me editing I think we did a good job!  




Using the KMS products above, Ryan got to work on Emily giving here a sleek wet look on top with a very beachy messy texture look behind, bang on trend and very cat walkesque. The KMS products smell amazing and do exactly what they say on the tin. Now for the exciting part, the make-up.

Rachel started of by prepping Emily's face with the Royal Effem concealer in shade 001 to cover any blemishes she had and under eye circles she then applied the Royal Effem BB cream again in shade 001 for a good base before applying the best foundation in my eyes featured every where on my blog the Royal Effem extreme lasting matte foundation in shade 800. Emily suffers from pyrosis on her face and neck etc and said this didn't harm her skin at all or feel any itchyness etc she said it felt super light on her skin and loved the flawless finish it gave her, I agree! The high coverage is my favorite part and it lasts for hours on end.

Rachel then went in with the eyebrows applying the Royal Effem eye brow pencil in shade 002 to really fill those brows out and give them some definition.  

Next up for Pixie Lotts famous dark black smokey eyes Rachel used the Royal Effem eye liner in shade 501 and Royal Effem single eye shadow in shade 083 and blended that all in to create a sexy sultry look with her buffing techniques all over the lids and more eyeliner just above the waterline. Then finished the eyes of with Royal Effem volume mascara in shade black, Emily already had gorgeous long lashes so there was no need for fake ones, I think Emily looks absolutely stunning with this look and she stepped right out her comfort zone because she would never wear a make-up look like this and I really think she should for a next night out of hers as she looks stunning and all the boys will be shouting 'Nastyyy'. After applying all of the face make-up she finished it all off with Royal Effem loose powder in shade 004 to set the look into place and tone down any oily areas.

Then to finish any make-up look of you need your lipstick and this nudey pink was perfect for a Pixie Lott inspired look using the Royal Effem beautiful colour lipstick in shade Rosa, perfect for spring also from there SS14 collection.

Emily was so pleased with the finished look and looked smoking hot she could have gone straight on the tiles but using make up in the right way shows you what you can do with it if you put your mind to it and have the creativity, which Rachel and Ryan do have at the salon. If you fancy stepping out of your comfort zone or fancy a celeb inspired make-up look why not book into the salon, if you purchase a product from the Royal Effem stand they will give you a complimentary make over, well worth it as the products are just flawless, I can't fault any I have tried yet. If you want more information then click on the Rachel Lamey facebook page or email /ring them regarding your inquiries.

01889 585073

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration to play around with your make up a little more and try something different with what you have or persuaded you to purchase some of the Royal Effem make-up range. We have also filmed a video of this look and how we got the finished results which will be soon added to Youtube so I will link you all up when it is completed.

Have a lovely weekend all.


  1. love this look, especially the eye makeup. Great post hun, and great pics xx


  2. WOW I am so impressed with this, I absolutely love the make-up a look i want to try, and the hair is gorgeous so daring xxx

  3. Wow, she really does look like Pixie Lott! Xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  4. Looking great, your make is amazing!


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