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What I've been buying...

Hello lovelies, here are some bits I have accumulated over the weekend, some bits are from a quick trip around Birmingham before the Gadget show on Saturday and the rest are a few bits I picked up in town on Friday, I'll start of with the Birmingham bits, just because I can.

There are two shops I can not seem to avoid when I'm in Birmingham, they would be Lush and the Disney store. Lush purely as I have an addiction/obsession whichever you prefer to name it, the sell lures me in for one but a girl can never have enough bath bomb/melts in her life. I was good this time though as I only bought TWO bath products and my good deed of the day buying a charity pot from them again. The two bath products I got were the Rose bubble bar which I have previously bought and reviewed HERE and I got a product I have never tried before, Wonder Woohoo bubble bar, I am excited to try this as it smells absolutely gorgeous of oranges and citrusy notes and its a sparkly triangle! 

Then I can not avoid the Disney store as I love adding to Oscar's never ending collection of Disney teddies, me and Dan said we would just keep collecting the Mickey Mouse set but now we have watched Frozen I couldn't resist getting him the cute little snowman Olaf. He is just adorable and Oscar loved him instantly and recognised him as we have been watching Frozen on repeat at the minute, I love it also but the songs get stuck in your head for days aha I am tempted to steal Olaf for myself as he is so soft and cuddly.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

I then treated Oscar to a Cath Kidston food tray more for me really, I don't think Oscar cares what his food is delivered on as long as it tastes good, but me loving a bit of Cath I couldn't resist and the polka dot matching cutlery had to go in the basket too its just so cute and I love the patterns.

Then lastly whilst I was in Selfridges I couldn't help myself going to the top floor and straight to the Mac counter, I was having a little mooch around and I seen the collection stand with the spring editions and there was 'Stereo Rose'. I instantly fell in love and had to get it, such a gorgeous mineralise skin finish in a rosy glow but I shall be reviewing this for you all soon as I can't wait to get using it asap! 

I was quite behaved in Birmingham really wasn't I, but I was in a rush for the train to NEC or maybe I wouldn't have been so well behaved.

In town I jut picked up some random bits and bobs as I was in an out of the shops, I was in Superdrug and noticed that the L'Oreal Micellar water was only £2,49 so had to get that bargain for a back up as I get through Micellar water like tap water aha and I love this one, then I spotted a big Tresseme conditioner on offer and I love Tresseme hair products so I got this one as my favorite Aussie one ran out the other day. I then popped into my work place 'Whsmiths' and seen Instyle had a pair of eyeko eyelash curlers so I got that purely for them, I love me some eyelash curlers. Then lastly even though I had bought a new conditioner I seen the new Garnier hair range so I picked it up from Tesco's as that was on offer also, I have a slight addiction to ramming my bathroom full of products, I will never learn.

What have you recently been buying?


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx