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Hello lovelies, last week I was very fortunate to be invited to the Elizabeth Arden event hosted at Debenhams in Birmingham, I attended this event with my blogging friend Hayley and got the chance to meet some other lovely bloggers too but I am so rubbish with remembering names, sorry! We was greeted by some lovely ladies who worked there with a table full of goodies including my favorite bucks fizz! I once used Elizabeth Arden when I was about 17/18 when I finally started to look after my skin I bought my first night cream I have no idea what it was but it was the best darn cream I had ever used no idea why I never repurchased it back then, probably lack of funds but now I'm a blogger its like what price tag? Any way this isn't a walk down memory lane back to the event...


I was checking out someone getting a massage at first and couldn't wait for my turn, I luckily got a shoulder and neck massage using the Ceramide gold ultra restorative capsules, I was surprised as she knew the water retention I had in my neck and the massage was just so lovely I wanted her to do my back aha.

I then had a skin consultation, very exciting looking at the technology they had to offer, that little machine there hovered over my face and told me what was right and wrong potentially, I was super impressed that I got an A in elasticity, I finally got an A in something aha, but no that really made me happy. A B in brightness, texture and pigmentation which I'm also pretty pleased with then I got a C in moisture, my biggest down fall but that week I was neglecting my skin care due to being poorly so ever since I have been upping my serum and moisturiser. They did offer us products that would be ideal to help our problem areas which was lovely.

Then lastly I had a colour consultation to get my perfect foundation shade, like the skin scanner it worked in the same sort of way placing over the skin then the lovely lady told showed us the foundations which we preferred due to finish etc, the one chosen for me was Intervene SPF 15 , a medium to full coverage with vitamins, sun protection and known to smooth imperfections and even out skin tone, it sounded right up my street.

After our lovely treatments and consultations we got to have a look at the new colours in the make-up range, there is an image of Hayley doing some swatching also, one palette stood out to me, the quad in chic browns being of-course a serial brown smokey eye lover. The lipglosses didn't look so appealing to me, until I swatched them! I thought a purple and gold shimmery gloss? No way ho-say, but after some brain cap time I thought, as the gold shimmer is quite subtle I think this would look stunning over any lip colour for a Christmas party or birthday outing for some added sass to your look, even the purple too! I was impressed with everything on show and had a lovely time at the event, so thank you very much ladies at Elizabeth Arden in Debenhams putting in some great work for us and to top it off we had one awesome goodie bag! 

Before I leave the blog post there, I did pinch the group photo from the lovely Emma's facebook page after asking over at Fashion Mommy, she had a beautiful outfit on, I want her skirt! Also take full advantage of the amazing Joseph Hernandez being in Debenhams at the Elizabeth Arden counter on Thursday the 9th of October it is only £10 which is fully redeemable on the day/night. He has done Catherine Zita Jones make-up, Models and other celebrities, ten pounds is an absolute bargain, imagine the price he charges to do celeb makeovers aha? If I don't get the chance to have a makeover I might just go along to get some tips! 

Huge thanks again for having us all and was so lovely to meet some new faces, becoming a blogger has really bought me out my shell sharing my love with other people with similar interests and helping massively with my anxiety, I will pretty much talk to anyone now with the occasional awkward shyness. The blogger events are the best way to make new friends and find out more about a brand, I am loving all the opportunities lately *not a brag just very grateful*. 

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