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Hello lovelies, so as you wonder why it looks like I am sucking on a sandwhich, let me tell you what me and Oscar got up to today, as you may or may not know, the weather has not been the best most recently so means no more picnics in the park, well you could if you wrapped up and like eating outside in the cold and wet - soggy sarnies, but I prefer being all snug ans cosy indoors! So I thought I would grab a mish mash of things I had in the kitchen and do a little picnic in Oscar's nursery.

I don't have a TV in Oscar's nursery yet so I put Peppa Pig on the iPad as that is his favorite at the moment and we tucked into our mini picnic, no rules in our picnic you can eat a frube first if you want, you can take the chicken of the bread and eat it that way if you wish, you can even sneak in the last malteser. I love picnics, probably because I am a serial snacker, I don't like eating proper meals I would be much more happier if I could just snack all day, I know that saying 'pickers wear big knickers' but who cares?

Me and Oscar enjoyed our little picnic and it's lovely spending time together, we read books afterwards and played with some of his toys, I thought for my next Mummy Monday I could show you around his nursery through blog pictures and start doing some posts on his most played with toys of the week etc, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also in-case you was wondering Oscar was just wearing some sweat pants from Tesco's and a Mickey Mouse jumper from H&M. 

What do you do with your little ones when the weather is just not that great?

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