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Annabel - Mascara & Maltesers

Hello lovelies, I am on 8th of my fave Friday's blog of the week and I am only going to do ten, I have loved reading new blogs or re-reading and discovering old blogs and getting stuck in to all there content but sometimes I just don't get time to have a good read and share with you my favorites so I will stop at ten, ten being all my fave bloggers I keep in touch with and blogs I love so hope you enjoy Annabels blog and the last two posts.

Back to Annabel, Beautiful lady with an equally beautiful blog. Her blog pictures are stunning, very easy on the eye and I love her content, she posts great reviews which make me want to go out and buy it instantly and great lifestyle posts. I enjoyed her most recent 'underused make-up' post, It's good to know what bloggers are reaching for most or not reaching for so much and her review of the 'Bourjois volume 1 second mascara' although I have over twenty mascaras Annabel has made me want this one too now! Who doesn't love mascara and maltesers? No make-up look is complete without mascara and maltesers are scrummy, her content is very informative yet creative and oozes personality which I love. Her layout is simple yet pretty and very easy on the eye to navigate you places. If you're looking for fab beauty reviews or looking to be a tourist for the day check out Annabel's most recent posts I am sure you will love her blog as much as I do.

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