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Rebecca - Autumn Leaves

Hello lovelies, today on the blog I have the lovely Rebecca who I have had the pleasure of meeting before, I very kindly gave her one of my free tickets to the gadget show and was lovely to meet her. I love Rebecca's blog, she posts daily and I always look forward to what is on the agenda. Its a complete mix of reviews, what she has been loving, lots of tips, dupes, wishlists, playlists, you name it! She has wonderful content, very easy to read with out turning it into a huge essay it is full of her knowledge and advice. She has also started YouTube videos which are lovely to watch, I am getting a bit obsessed with YouTube at the moment and love watching everyone's new videos. My current favorite posts of hers are the 'a bunch of beauty reviews' and 'useful free apps for bloggers' both very useful posts, I love reading reviews as it helps twist my arm that bit more into buying things I had my eye on or delving into something I wouldn't dream of buying just because a beauty blogger recommends it aha. One last post that will help you all out as I know we can suffer from bloggers block from time to time... 'post ideas for when you have bloggers block' but these are all just tasters, I am sure you will love Rebecca's blog as much as I do, go check her out and let me know in the comments below what you thought.

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