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Heart & Home Selection of sampler candles £1.99* each.

Hello lovelies, back to review week posts. If you know me you will know I adore candles, Yankee has always broke my bank balance but recently I have been trying from various different brands, I was very kindly given this set of four samples the other day and I couldn't wait to start burning them, as the weather is miserable right now I feel a lit candle lifts my mood immediately, the scent and the pretty flame flickering away just does that, even better surrounded in a warm bubble bath. I have a confession though, there are two I love and two I have not so much love for.

The two I love French Vanilla* and Fresh Linen*, I absolutely love the smell of fresh washing and always loved fresh linen in candle form, it is really strong scented which I like, I have no time for subtle smelling candles, what is the point right? Then French Vanilla is really sweet smelling of cakes, smells good enough to eat. Also do you find with some candles they smell gorgeous then as soon as you burn them you can't smell a thing? Well with these candles you can still smell the gorgeous scent! My beauty room smells like a bakery at the moment, that's all good and everything but now I'm craving vanilla cake. 

The two I am not so keen on is Lily of the valley* and Jasmine daydream*, I have never been that keen on jasmine and lily of the valley smells to me like an old fashioned perfume, obviously that's personal preferences though, those two are just not up my street. But there is nothing better than kicking up your feet after a long day, reading a book or watching your favorite trashy TV programme and lighting some candles right? Even better if you like to help save the world and everything, or you are just environmentally friendly they are made from renewable and sustainable soy wax. 

What do you burn your sampler candles in? I have this gorgeous candle holder from Yankee that my mum got me for my birthday last year and the really pretty tea cup and saucer I picked up from a local vintage shop for £2! I have one that stores my left over lipstick and glosses and one for my candles. You can pic up a mish mash of tea cup and saucers from charity shops, they haven't got to match adds to the vintage look right? I think it's a super cute way to burn your candles though but you could always just use an old plate or something. You can purchase these candles on the Hut.com very soon, if you're a candle lover like my self I would recommend these if you like a strong smelling candle that burns for a while and smells amazing whilst they burn!

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