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Hello lovelies, my excitement when these come through the door was unbelievable, I have wanted to try a chubby stick for I don't know how long. The only ones I own are the little samplers from Glamour magazine last month, but these are beautful, perfect for summer and come in some gorgeous shades.

A really pretty baby pink shade, they go on the lips so easily with the pen like applicator and feel nourishing as soon as they are on, they bring out your natural tone so every one will look different with this on there lips, I found when I first applied it there was no colour then after a few minutes you could see the colour produce, it is so subtle yet so pretty and perfect for every day wear.

A coral just of red shade, as said above very moisturising and helping to bring out your natural tone to your lips yet make those lips really do pop and perfect for work or just to add some colour to your face if your having a make up free day, the only thing I am not too keen on with these baby tints are the scent, that is the only con I can think of really. I am really liking these lip balms but I don't think I could pay £17.00 for them, there great if you love a sheer coverage but when I like to splash out on a lip product I like to splash out on colour but that's just personal preference. 

Clinique Chubby Stick cheek colour balm - 02 robust rhubarb £19.00*

I am a massive fan of cream blushers as I find them super easy to use and perfect if you're in a rush or traveling. This is an easy proof blusher with a swivel mechanism like the baby tints meaning no waste on sharpening and you just have to dab it on your desired area. I have applied this to my cheeks as it isn't too daring of a shade, it is the most perfect cheek color to make you look a bit flushed and glowing its a pinky coral shade. It is really natural looking but you could obviously keep re-applying to your preference, I prefer to just apply a little to show some colour to look healthy and not my normal ill pale looking self aha. I adore this and will definitely be adding to my collection I have my eye on roly poly rosy.

Has this made you want to go out and go chubby stick mad, what are your thoughts? 

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