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Hello lovelies, today I have for you my current nightly routine. There is nothing I love more after a long day then removing every trace of make up I have on and giving my skin a good cleanse. I have quite a big stash of skin care products in my house so I try and mix things up a bit from time to time but this is what I am currently using and some products will be for keeps! Like for example Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, this is now a firm favorite that I will never be without again, it has really helped to clean up my problematic skin and leaves it feeling incredibly smooth, so glad I bought the full sized version for a bargain when they had an offer on and I also purchased the limited edition version, it removes mascara so easily even stubborn waterproof ones, it is a gem! Before I do my first cleanse I like to take off as much mascara as I can using the Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover, I have really sensitive eyes and this doesn't sting or anything like that at all and its very gentle. After I have removed the most of my mascara off, cleansed once I then cleanse again to make sure my skin is fully clean and all the dirt and grime have gone using the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, this is a rich butter, smells amazing and feels so good on the skin, very moisturising and gets deep into the pores clearing all the impurities and again leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft to the touch. 

Next step toning, I am always changing my toners up but I have been loving the Body Shop Cucumber Freshing Water, it is so refreshing on the skin and doesn't make my face feel all tight like some toners do it just cools down my face and closes those pores back up before going onto my nightly serum. Keihls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I never thought I would find a serum as good as Estee Lauders offering but this is just as good for a little bit cheaper, still not completely pocket money friendly but worth the price tag. I use this daily until my spots have really calmed down then I go to 3 times a week, in the Summer I find my skin is very oily and it plays havock with my skin but this night serum helps massively to clear all my impurites, it makes me look more radiant in the morning and keeps my skin looking young, I know I know I am only 23 but I am a mother and sleepless nights doesn't make any one look good! So this product works wonders, trust me. It plumps up the skin and you don't really need to moisturise with this product but I still do and it is full of natural ingredients 99.8% anyway. 

How silly of me forgetting to put my moisturiser in there? Depending on my skin on the night I switch my moisturisers around to be honest and it is the least important part of my routine I find. At the minute I am using an Anti-wrinkle offering from Lancome, well you can never be to safe can you? I am scared of wrinkles and crows feet already and what. I find this tightens up my skin but in a good way, meaning it's doing its magic it plumps, smoothes and leaves it feeling super soft, I feel well nourished in the morning and the packaging is quite pretty too. Once I have done most of my face I lastly finish of with my lips, polishing of all the dead skin and nasty chappness using the Santa's lipscrub from Lush. It smells like coca-cola and really exfoliates my lips removing all the nasties and I keep them looking smooth and soft finishing off with Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream, I hate the consitency of this as it is a very thick gel like formula that's why I only use this as night time so I can sleep in it but it does do the trick and makes my lips look healthy and super easy to apply lipstick without tugging and getting all those nasty chap marks. 

What products are you currently using for your night time skin care routine?

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