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Revlon Parfumerie - China Flower £6.49

Hello lovelies, I have wanted to get my hands on one of these polishes for ages, I just think the bottle is adorable and I was very curious to trying a scented nail polish. I don't have many red nail varnishes so this was the first one I picked up, china flowers is a pretty shade name too, it was most definitely floral scented with a hint of sweetness, don't go sniffing your nails whilst there still wet though as you don't get the nice floral notes until it is bone dry. The colour is exquisite too, a beautiful post box red that makes me think of London as soon as I look at them, the buses and the telephone boxes with a touch of elegance. I love red next my pale skin but I also think it looks divine on darker skin also an all rounder which I think would look personally fab with a lbd on. 

Have you tried these polishes yet or have your eye on any? 

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