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♥ Because sometimes I let Oscar eat chocolate and sweets more than one day a week.
♥ Because sometimes I let Oscar stay up an extra hour or two.
♥ Because sometimes I'm too tired to cook from scratch.
♥ Because my house isn't sparkling 24/7.
♥ Because some days we just stay in our pjs.
♥ Because my ironing is pile of the size of mount Everest sometimes.
♥ Because I let Oscar watch lots of Nick Jr or Disney Channel.
♥ Because I spoil him with toys nearly every day.
♥ Because I hug him straight after I have shouted at him.
♥ Because some nights I'm too tired to read his bed time story.
♥ Because I have time to myself at times.

What is a perfect parent? Is there such thing, I know some mummy's/daddy's don't let there children have treats till Fridays or weekends etc but I let Oscar have snacks now and again as he is such a good boy who eats lots of fruit and veg daily. If Oscar has had a late nap or hes been an angel that day and were stuck into a Disney film I have let him stay up for a bit longer or if we have been out somewhere for the day. There are some day's where I haven't cooked a meal from scratch with all fresh food, does that make me a bad mum? Oscar loves potato balls, he could eat them till there coming out of his ears. Sometimes its nice just to play with your children rather than spending the day cleaning, I actually much prefer cleaning when Oscars gone to bed so you don't have to keep going over the same spot, but there is a time where he has got stuck into Peppa pig and I can do some of my mount Everest ironing pile or do some spring cleaning. I feel like why can't I spoil him? I know he's not two till September and doesn't appreciate things but whilst I have the money I love treating him to new things, I always said when I was younger I would give my child/children everything I can and I personally don't think there's anything wrong with that, he might have a ridiculous amount of shoes and clothes (more than me) but I love making him look stylish/smart and seeing his face light up when I buy him a little car.

 I feel awful when I shout at him, obviously they need discipline but sometimes I have gave him a cuddle after, not straight after so he knows he can't keep doing it but I'm just a big softy. There are times when we have both been up at the crack of dawn and I've been non stop that I actually fall to sleep as soon as I put him down and Peter Rabbit hasn't been read or whatever book is on the bed side table he has picked out and lastly I do have time to myself from time to time, not half as much as daddy! I'm not judging in any way as I know every family situation is different when there are stay at home dads or single dads, but in my case I feel like mens life doesnt change. I know he works full time and deserves some man time but I feel as though sometimes I don't have that me time as much as he does, which is fine I wanted a child and I wanted to look after him but it is nice to have some me time. I actually feel bad when I'm not with Oscar though I feel like I should be with him every second of the day apart from the times I'm at work obviously, it is nice to have a break though because when you are alone with your child a lot of the time it can get a bit frustrating at times with no adult conversation or you're sick of 'hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog'.  

All these pointers aside, I may not be a perfect mum but I must be doing something right, he still breathes, gives me the most heart warming cuddles and kisses and makes me feel like the proudest person alive. I could never imagine my life without him now, he saved my life and gives me a reason to fight every day and I just hope I make him proud one day and he knows how much he means to me. 

Can you relate to this post at all or what are your thoughts?!

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