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Hello lovelies, on Wednesday me and my boys went out for the day, if you have been to West Midlands Safari Park you will know if you go you get a free return ticket, so we found that out and headed of to Dudley. We regretted it so much when we got there, forgetting it was still summer holidays and everyone must of had there free return ticket, the que was humongous! We didn't even bother going around where you see the animals because we would of being in a que for hours so abit gutted we just went straight inside the main bit. Thank god we didn't have to pay for this ticket we would of been really miffed, we knew Oscar loved the goats last time so at least we knew he would enjoy something there. 

Oscar is a massive animal lover, if he sees a dog in the street he will wave it at he waves to the birds in the garden and if an animal is next to him he will stroke it instantly, it melts my heart. When we first got into the park we headed to the discovery part, I couldn't really picture the bats but Oscar wasn't keen on the dark room anyhow, then we saw the ants and the fishes, Oscar always say's wowww at fishes, no idea why but there we go. We found nemo anyhow and these lovely glittery fishes I can't remember what there called now, woops. After the discovery part we headed to the meerkats, I love meerkats they are adorable, I love the picture I got of one posing on a stump. After the meerkats we saw the penguins, one was showing of whizzing around the pool doing jumps and all sorts and the rest where huddling together for warmth I presume unless it was nearly dinner time. Then we went and saw the lemurs, Oscar tried to stroke one but the woman shouted at Dan and Oscar for touching so we got out of there pronto and went to Oscar's favorite part of the safari park, the goats! Oscar kept saying ahh and laughing when he fed and petted the goats, it was so sweet to watch I must of took 50 photo's and a little video! Check my facebook for the video it is so sweet, he could have stayed in there for hours he wasn't happy when we ran out of food.

After the goats we took Oscar around the fair rides, he hated them all! He cried on every rise bless him he doesn't mind rides when were on them with him but these were dinky rides I don't think it would of held mine and Dan's weight aha. At least we tried, after a lot of tears and a little tantrum we thought it was time for a picnic, so we got out dinner and sat at a nice bench, Oscar wolfed his pasta and snacks down and it was time to go before we knew it. As you can tell by the last picture he wasn't happy we had to leave but after the safari we were going to Merry Hill shopping centre, before you get to Merry Hill there is a soft play, it wasn't really the best but Oscar got half an hour play before they closed just to break the day up a bit and get a quick coffee in then we did some shopping.

Dan couldn't wait any longer after only going in one shop and demanded we go to Nando's I wasn't going to argue with him was I, so we all had a yummy Nando's and me and Oscar even did some colouring there with the crayons and picture they gave us then it was time to shop till we dropped, the best thing about Merry Hill is there awesome car you can go shopping with and basket! It is so perfect for kids, Oscar didn't moan once whilst we shopped, I need one of these for everywhere I go seriously. We got some bits from Lush, Next, H&M, Tkmaxx, Yankee and got some Millies cookies for the journey home, we didn't have a mad shopping trip it was just nice to have a whole day as a family out in the week, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure we will be back there soon to do our Christmas shop, I want to try and be a bit more organised this year yet I say that every year, we shall see. 

Hope you enjoyed my very long lifestyle post, let me know in the comments below what day you loved this week and what you got up to. 

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