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Maddy - Unstitchedd 

Hello lovelies, I can't believe I only just started following Maddy's blog this week. I came across her lovely blog through Twitter asking if anyone had a travel make up bag post as I'm going on holiday next month and looking for ideas, she kindly gave me a link and I fell in love and mooched around at her other posts. The picture quality is gorgeous and superb and the content to go with it is also on par, she explains in full detail on her posts without going over board, just the right amount not to short but not too long either. There isn't a post on her blog that I wouldn't read, perfect reading material to get all cozy in bed for or in the bath on your tablet (be careful though). It is hard for me to pick a couple of my favorite posts from Maddy's blog as I love all her current ones but here's a couple great ones, Brows, I am useless with brows so this was handy for me and I also loved her lip sticks post. I am currently loving the stick form lipsticks there just so easy to apply and lovely texture. 

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